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Extra General Meeting

During the EGM ARF treated its members to dinner.

Andre made a delicious squash and leek soup that was served with bread and cheese and Jon made his amazing dessert that tastes as good as it looks <3.

We elected two new board members Ramona as the event organizer and Fredrica as the Chair.

ARF's Silver Oar was awarded to Ann-Luisa Volk for her diligent work as ARF's chairwomen. This award was initiated in 1938 and is only given to honnerble members. Anna-Luisa is the 62nd recipient. Håkan also read a very moving speach. See all recipients of the silver oar bellow...

We also named our newest boat (Filippi dopuble) Laktat to Selma Lagerlöf. A name we voted on in the beginning of the year. MORE INFO ABOUT SELMA

All recipients of the silver oar.

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