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Address: Frescati Hagväg 18, 114 19 Stockholm, Sweden

Postal address: Box 19064 10432 Stockholm


Vice Chairman

Maximilian Deiters

Max started rowing in Germany a long time ago. He joined

ARF 2018 and started rowing in the competition team.


He loves to start his mornings with a row, when the water is calm and there is a slight fog over the water surface. 

His future prospects for the club is that we

in the near future will winterize the club house.

Do you have questions about Corporate Rowing or have any other ideas on improvements to the club you can turn to Max.  

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Anna-Luisa Volk

Anna-Luisa started rowing in Germany 25 years ago. She is a

member since 2011 and has worked diligently as Chairwoman,

winning several grant awards for the club.

Over the years she has fought for women's rights and she is keen

to create a pleasant open atmosphere where members

want to give back to the club through volunteer work.

She loves the social community in the club, when you gather on

a sunny day on the terrace. She has trained and competed at

many regattas and she has, among other things, won gold

in the Swedish Indoor Rowing Championships 2021.

You can turn to me if you want to be involved in developing the club further, if you want to create new collaborations or have feedback on how we can make Akademiska Roddföreningen better!



Hannah Kühn

Hannah started rowing at akademiska roddföreningen over a year ago and has been active in open rowing

As secretary, she is responsible for keeping the minutes of the

board meetings and archive the minutes appropriately. 

Boathouse Superintendent

Håkan Rehle

Håkan Rehle started rowing at ARF. He has competed

a lot over the years and he has gotten his

biggest awards in distance races.

He is the first out on the water after the ice has melted

and the last one off the water after the end of the season.

He has worked diligently to improve ARF's premises.

He is also responsible for renting out the premises

which accounts for a large part of ARF's revenues.

Are you interested in renting the premises? Get in touch with Håkan!

Connla profil pic ARF_edited_edited.jpg

Head Coach Competitions

Connla Edwards

Connla is the head coach and manager for the competitive team at Akademiska Roddföreningen. He has been coaching for

more than 10 years and is a trained coach.

He started rowing at the age of 13 and has among other things

won gold in 8+ at the Irish Championships in his rowing career


Several of the rowers he coaches row at national team level.

If you want to train and compete, you can contact Connla. 

Båt Michael hemsida.jpg

Material superintendent

Joe McCabe


Natalia Daukszewicz

Natalia started rowing at ARF in 2014. She has trained

with the competitive team and competed at

many regattas over the years.


She takes care of everything that has

to do with ARF's economy.

If you have questions about invoices, expenses for the club and

payments for membership you can turn to Natalia.

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Event Manager

Samuel Lindemer


Gunilla Kyhle Kolsrud

Gunilla has been an accountant in the club since x.

Together with Natalia, they have done a

great job of organizing our economy.

She has also persuaded Axfood to sponsor us with prizes

for regattas and she has opened the door for Axfood

to have corporate events at the rowing club.

gunilla ARF styrelse.jpg
Eric fixer.jpg


Eric is no longer on the board. But he is immensely appreciated by the club members. He gives his

heart and soul to renovating the boats and

getting them ready so that the club can

utilize all the boats in the boathouse. ​


Take a moment to thank him for his efforts
through the years when you see him!  

Others that contribute to the club's development

Nomination Committee: Sami Nahas & Erik Bröte

Deputies: Steffi, Fredrica & Alp

Our fantastic media manager Emma who has posted on instagram and kept our media presence alive <3. Thank u!

As well as many other club members, including Clara H, Daniel G, Jon L and many more who help us push the club to new heights. 

Many thanks for everyone's efforts! 

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