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Successful weekend at the Swedish Championship

Uppdaterat: 25 sep. 2022

Thanks to our hard working athletes at ARF we brought home more medals than ever before at SM at Farsta Magelungen Roddbana.

Dag 1 SM:

2- DS đŸ„‡Clara Hamell & Natasa Zaric

1x DS đŸ„‡Clara Hamell

Dag 2 SM:

2x DS đŸ„‡Emma Bulgarelli & Natasa Zaric đŸ„ˆStefanie Renken & Clara Hamell

4x HS đŸ„ˆWilliam Joseph McCabe, Gustav Arvidsson, Erik Bröte & Jonas Richter

1x Nybörjare 2x Nybörjare

đŸ„ˆAlice WarĂ©n đŸ„‰Alma Rudernlöv Karlsson

2x Nybörjare đŸ„‡Stanislav Demyaneko & Josep SentĂ­s GarzĂłn


2x HS đŸ„ˆGustav Arvidsson & Jonas Richter

2x Nybörjare đŸ„ˆAlice WarĂ©n & Alma Rudernlöv Karlsson

We also had a successful performance in other races such as the 8+. An intermediate crew formed this year with a semi competitive group of women. Those that competed from the group were:

8+ 1 Fredrica 2 Natasha 3 Camilla 4 Alma 5 Alice 6 Natalia 7 Steffi 8 Naomi Cox: Ruairi

And in the masters 2x Fredrica Michaela F

Big thank you to everyone that help out during SM.

We have Fredrica, Oscar & Erik that borrowed and brought the trailers to Farsta. (Erik and Oscar also did a 2x at SM and I hope they will be beating the Sinković brothers times by the Olympics 2028).

Now we have so many boats at ARF that we requires two trailers to get all our boats to the regatta.

Also a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped out at SM.

Alp, Simge, Jon, Annelies, Gunilla, Naomi and Valentin 👏 and to Max who organized the volunteer work! We cannot thank Connla, Joe and x for all the long hours put into coaching, fixing boats. Putting thier heart and soul into making this years competitions a sucess!

LAstly we ended the weekend with an Apres Row evning. The club treated its members to pizza and even the dancefloor got going on a sunday evning.

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