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17 OKT 2018 20:53
cross-country skiing in Bruksvallarna from Dec. 5-9
  • Skapad: 17 OKT 2018 20:53

Some ARF members are organizing a trip for cross-country skiing in Bruksvallarna from December 5th to 9th.
This trip can be a nice stage of your training. It will be a kick-off of your winter training (you will start training more indoors in Stockholm) and you will get a taste of what is coming on end of february if you choose to compete for ARF in Staffetvasan. It will be fun but also an opportunity to train hard!
We will be going to Bruksvallarna, there should be a lot of snow and tracks early in the season.
This year, we will stay for four nights (wednesday to sunday). The costs will be 2200sek/person, including everything except food. On the Wed, there will be two car options - an early and a late car, for those who'd like to leave after work/school.
We will leave on the 5th and come back on the 9th of december. Because it is less full and warmer (it is no fun to ski by -30 believe me!).

If you would like to join, please send an e-mail to This is a mailto link

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