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Vinter tävlingar

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The cold, dark months with a thick layer of ice on Brunnsviken have not stopped ARF's rowers from diligently continuing to train and compete on the rowing machine.

Indoor SM 4 February 2023, Trollhättan.

We picked up really nice places and medals!

DS 2000m Gold - Clara Hamell

HS 2000m

Bronze - Jonas Richter

Student-SM Damer 1000m

Gold - Katharina Schwickerath, KTH

Bronze - Miriam Kindel, Stockholms Universitet

HS 500m

Gold - Erik Bröte


SRF Challenge March 4, 2023.

A fast-paced morning at Stockholm's RF whose challenge offered the distances 250m, 500m, 1000m and 804m.

Races were rowed on site and remotely with participants from Hammarby IF Rowing, Kungälvs RK, NIRF, Stockholmspolisen IF Rowing, Stockholms RF, Uppsala ARS, Vaxholms RF and Öresjö SS.

Jonas claimed first place at 804m

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